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The Journal of Information Technology Impact and Analyzing is a multidisciplinary peer review Journal in which Impacts Knowledge of Information Technology are shown in various discipline in different approaches. The aim is to be able to research and effectively encourage application of ICT in day-to-day activities and in our various field areas. The organizers are Professionals from Academic and Industries across fields.   The Organizers encourage the widest range of submissions and aims to foster the highest standards of intellectual excellence. Articles may be submitted by via online and virtual participants as well as Research Network Members. The organizers also advice authors to promote originality in their work and only 15% matching will be accepted.


Any standard article template and format can be adopted. Author at the liberty of producing readable and clear article in word or latex format.


Article should be written in English language. Either British or American style of English is accepted.


In actual fact, this journal is a quarterly batch Journal but the organizer encourage author to submit as many as possible but must be based  standard and originality . All the submitted article will be peer- reviewed and tested with Anti plagiarize software to ensure originality. Only articles with 1-15% matching will be published.

Note:  Authors are sorely responsible for the correction discovered   by the reviewers.

Articles can be written in any discipline in line with the application of ICT or its impacts. Meanwhile, the following ICT areas can be

Intelligent search
Automated reasoning and logic programming
Machine learning
Intelligent planning
Visual/linguistic perception
Evolutionary and swarm algorithms
Derivative-free optimization algorithms
Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic; rough sets
Neural computing
Emotional intelligence
Hybridization of intelligent models/algorithms
Parallel and distributed realization of intelligent algorithms/systems

Adaptive Filtering and Signal Processing
Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
Bioimaging and Signal Processing
Biometrics and Authentification
Communication and Broadband Networks
Communication Signal processing
Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
Digital Signal Processing

Emerging Technologies
Hardware Implementation for Signal Processing
Higher Order Spectral Analysis
Image Processing and Understanding
Internet Signal Processing
Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Multimedia Communications
Multimedia Signal Processing
Nonlinear Signal Processing
RF and Wireless Communications
Sensor Array and Multi-channel Processing
Signal Processing and Communications Edu
SP for Biomedical and Cognitive Science
SP for Internet and Wireless Communications
Statistical Signal Processing
TF Spectrum Analysis and Wavelet
Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis
Video compression and Streaming

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All papers that have been published in the International Conference Proceedings and respective distinctive Journals can also be housed on this platform for wider coverage.

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